Who we are

Thermal Energy with Cost Reduction and Environmental Gain

Develop a steam outsourcing project for your industry with ComBio Energia.


Providing solutions for power generation with renewable sources, creating a growing and long-term economic value.


Being the protagonist in the migration from the energy model based on fossil fuels to another one sustained by renewable fuels.


Sustainability: Making decisions guided by environmental, social and economic sustainability.


Focus on the Customer: Building balanced and lasting relationships with customers, always with quality and performance differentials.


Integrity: Cultivating reputable relationships with the stakeholders in a transparent manner, with accurate and straightforward information, respecting the laws and the requirements of the society.


Austerity: Relentlessly searching for cost reduction; “do more with less” adopting simplicity, fighting waste and unnecessary expenditure.


Meritocracy: Motivating people to a superior performance, creating challenges, opportunities for professional development and acknowledging the performance and delivery of results.


Operational Excellence and Results: Finding a high performance based on the best indicators, making permanent improvements in processes with a sound determination for growing results.